A consultation was taking place at Largs Campus as we went to press in relation to the new housing development in Flatt Road.
Both Largs Academy and Kelburn Primary are being flattened to make way for new housing.
The site is set for 122 houses, include 28 sheltered housing units, 18 amenity houses, 22 units aimed at those with special needs and 54 general council houses.
There will also be a new resource centre to provide support to older people living in the sheltered and amenity houses and dedicated space for staff working with those with special needs.
The new properties in Largs will help ease one of the most highly-pressured housing markets in Ayrshire and provide a wide range of accommodation to meet different needs. This includes wheelchair-liveable properties, amenity bungalows, supported accommodation, sheltered housing and general needs homes.
The new development is not expected to be fully open until 2021.