Independent councillor Ian Murdoch has renewed calls for safe crossing at Moorburn Road for children attending the Largs Campus.

Following a petition by local mums, North Ayrshire Council had monitored the road and decided against providing a lollipop crossing.

Speaking at the full council meeting last week. Cllr. Murdoch called for special attention to be given at the location towards providing a crossing, after carrying out his own research.

He noted that between 8am-8.35am on a day before the schools had broken up that a total of 96 pedestrians crossed the road between 8am and 8.35am

"The cars were travelling up to 30 miles per hour at least on that stretch of road," remarked Cllr. Murdoch.

Council leader Joe Cullinane thanked him for his research and said he had saved the council money in carrying out his own research at the site.

He added that the position would be re-examined at the start of the new term in August, and the learning already picked up would be factored into the process. as well as consultation with the individual school head teachers from the campus.

Cllr. Murdoch added that the lollipop crossing at Alexander Avenue near the entrance to the school campus was very well used, and praised the council for this introduction, but said it was important that Moorburn Road was also considered for such a crossing.

Joe Cullinane added: "The decision about reviewing the crossing patrol at school was always planned and the issue of the other site has had some local prominence over a number of weeks is planned for monitoring after the schools return, and evidence of that review will be considered in determining if a crossing is required at that site."

Hundreds of parents have signed the petition which was launched by mum Jennifer Fosterwho started collecting signatures calling for a lollipop crossing patroller to be put in place at the Surrey Glen on Moorburn Road before the new campus opened.

Parents are concerned that parked cars are restricting sightlines of people wanting to cross the road.