PARKING marshals were drafted in last weekend in a fresh bid to finally solve the traffic congestion which is causing chaos in Largs.
The marshals will help direct drivers to available spaces in the town when the centre or seafront is gridlocked.
The trial will continue throughout the summer until the Viking Festival.
The idea is the brainchild of Largs independent councillor Ian Murdoch.
He hopes the adoption of the new scheme starting in the last weekend in June will help free up the town centre.
Cllr Murdoch said: "One of my priorities since being elected last year has been to try and resolve Largs' historic parking problems.
"Over the last year I've put forward an idea to use Street Ambassadors/Parking Marshals to direct visitors to the many spaces throughout the town that are never used.
"There are spaces available which are only a few minutes walk from the prom and the town centre that visitors are not aware of. 
"Visiting drivers are too focused on the Main Street and seafront car park.
"As well as directing people to available parking, the ambassadors will also provide basic tourist information about events and places to visit in Largs and Cumbrae."
The scheme will carry on til September 9. 
Mr Murdoch said: "This service will hopefully help to reduce the congestion within the town by getting cars parked quicker, instead of people driving round in circles looking for spaces. I hope it will also reduce the time waiting to enter the town particularly from the south and east.
"I would like to make it absolutely clear that this service is to assist visitors, it is not about parking enforcement."
The councillor has also suggested to officials that sites should be identified for new car parks - including one dedicated for business owners and their employees. 
Cllr Murdoch said: "If North Ayrshire Council enforce a Traffic Order in Largs town centre I am concerned that this could have an impact on the businesses.
"I am trying to find ways of easing that impact."
Parking problems have been a constant problem in the town over the years.
In unprecedented scenes, the recent Bank Holiday weekend saw cars parked along the grass esplanade strip in front of the prom south of the Largs RNLI station.
The move to introduce marshals has been backed by Largs Community Council.
Chairman Douglas Blair said: "I think introducing the parking marshals is a way forward."