Angry dogwalkers and users of a Largs swing park have hit out at vandalism at a local swing park.

Dog-walker Liz Wallace posted photos on community social media pages of the swing park flooring having been wrenched out of the ground.

Community councillor Patricia Perman told the 'News' that the problem at Douglas Park where the shelter originally was has simply moved across the road to Anderson Park.

The swing park is popular with children but there have also been problems of broken bottles, loud music, and fighting.

Liz Wallace told the 'News': "It was fine up until about a month ago or so but we now have broken bottles lying as a regular sight, but the vandalism is now very annoying, and so thoughtless.

"It was unbelievable to see the damage. A lot of rubber tiles were pulled out of the ground, and you can see where they attempted to lift others around the edges.

"Credit to North Ayrshire Council who came along quickly and carried out repairs within 24 hours of it being reported."

Ms Wallace said when walking her dog through the park a few weeks ago that she encountered a large cluster of kids watching a fight between two boys as it was being filmed on mobile phones.

She said: "A gang of young teens rushed in and formed a circle and two of them in the middle were fighting.

"I walked up and asked them to stop as one wee boy was kicking another on the ground.

"I was told it was a boxing club, and they were just practicing but it didn't look like it to me - what annoyed me was that some of the boys and girls were video-ing it on their mobile phones. It was shocking."

"North Ayrshire Council told me that there has been a lot of vandalism at their parks in general - and some equipment has been damaged costing as much as £1300 in some cases.

"It is such a shame as it is an absolutely beautiful wee park - and it is quite quiet during the day and toddlers use it.

"I don't know what the answer is. Somebody suggested closing the park after the sun goes down, and that might be a solution. The park has two gates so it could be locked, and it would prevent the youths from using it at night."

"North Ayrshire Council told me that they do carry out checks at the park."

At a recent meeting, Patricia Perman, pictured, told Largs Community Council: "The youths have moved to Anderson Park now that the Douglas Park shelter has been removed.

"There are broken bottles, and even disco music, and cans chucked in gardens."

Speaking to the 'News' after the recent vandalism, Inspector Colin Convery said: "The damage has been reported to Police Scotland and Ms Wallace will be contacted and an investigation will be carried out.

"I will arrange for officers to carry out additional patrols in the area and would ask that anyone who has any information in relation to the alleged damage to the playpark contact Police Scotland or Crime Stoppers quoting incident 1825 of 26 June"

A North Ayrshire Council spokesman said: "“To report instances of environmental crimes such as littering, fly-tipping or dog fouling, please contact our Streetscene Environmental Team on 01294 310000.

“We would also remind residents that if they witness or are concerned about anti-social behaviour, please report this to Police Scotland in the first instance.”