A CAFE, library and money-saving heating system for residents could all be part of a major new development of over 120 homes in Largs.
An eco-friendly biomass system is set to provide heating at the new affordable housing site on the site of the former Largs Academy and Brisbane Primary, which are currently being flattened by bulldozers.
The proposed heating system for the new homes would be powered using renewable, sustainably-sourced biomass, which lowers carbon emissions and provides lower energy bills for tenants. 
It would run on biomass pellets and a burner system would heat the pipes instead of a gas boiler, while energy from solar panels goes into the communal supply for lighting.
The site is set for 122 houses - including 28 sheltered housing units, 18 amenity houses, 22 aimed at those with special needs and 54 general council houses.
The 22 'core and cluster' accommodation unit for people with special needs is designed to provide long-term accommodation for individuals with physical disabilities, learning difficulties and/or mental health issues who require extra support to live independently.
The plans include a staff base to enable a 24/7 service for them.
There will also be a new resource centre to provide support to older people living in the sheltered and amenity house.
A second public consultation into the development was recently held and changes from the first consultation exercise include more parkland between the former Largs Academy and Kelburn Primary sites, while some of the two storey bungalows are to be reduced to one level following the requests of neighbours to the site.
The new properties will help ease one of the most highly-pressured housing markets in Ayrshire.
The new development is not expected to be fully open until 2021.
The main contractor for the project will be appointed once the design of the site is finalised and it's anticipated works will take place from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday
Construction work is due to start in the autumn or winter this year.