An elderly couple required assistance after concerns over their 'tired and confused' state when sailing on the Clyde in the middle of the night.

The alarm was raised at 4.55am last Thursday by the coastguard, as Largs lifeboat volunteers swept into action.

Reports had been received about an elderly couple in a 28 foot yacht.

RNLI spokesman Alasdair Woods explained: "Earlier, the couple had set sail from Ardrishaig on Loch Gilp bound for Ardrossan believed to be their home port in their 28ft, Westerly Longbow type yacht.

"As they progressed throughout the night they had been in radio contact with the UK coastguards whom, over time were becoming concerned, it seemed as the night went on the couple were becoming very tired and confused.

"Not far from their home port of Ardrossan the couple discovered they had an engine failure or a mechanical failure which prevented them from negotiating the harbour entrance.

"The lifeboat was soon on scene and escorted the vessel with the tired couple to the safety of the harbour.

"As all was well and no harm had come to the couple the lifeboat returned to station at 7am in good time for the volunteer crew to go to their day jobs."