Largs First responders have been encouraging local primary schools to get hands on and raise awareness of defibrillators.

The First Responders team have been working with Primary 6 pupils from Wemyss Bay, St Mary’s and Largs Primary School to help them realise that anyone can save a life using the equipment.

The team are eager to encourage the primary school children to be aware of the public access defibs that have been installed across the area and that no training is required to use them.

Map reading, CPR, recovery position and a close up look at the defibs helped the children to understand that the devices offer a step by step audible guide while they are being activated.

Largs First Responder, Douglas Creighton, explained that they felt it was important that children were aware of the access to the defibs and that anyone can use them.

He said “There is an apprehension from many people that using defibs is challenging, dangerous or you need special training, you don’t, and these sessions are to empower the children to either help or direct adults.

“We also want to raise awareness of where all the public access defibs are in our area and when people know how vital they are in the chain of survival, we hope people will look out for them and instances of damage, misuse and vandalism will be eliminated.”

The team remained on duty during their teaching sessions at the school, answering five 999 calls during this time.

Douglas explained that there was enough of the team available that the awareness sessions could be continued whilst these calls were answered.

The sessions were closely linked to the school curriculum and offered practical guidance to participants, including locating the nearest defib, planning the shortest route and what to do in an emergency.

After the sessions pupils were given the chance to take part in a summer family challenge to highlight their learning to other family members and friends.

The most creative and interesting contributions will win prizes and feature in Largs First Responders social media campaigns.

The responders would like to thank Nicolson Digital for providing the specially adapted maps used in the sessions and Largs printing company for designing the leaflets.

Whilst not all groups have yet taken up the offer, the first responders are keen to work with any local organisation wanting more information, to raise awareness of defibs available in the area and help people feel confident in using them in an emergency situation.

Any groups looking for further information can contact