Recognising the difficulties of being a carer, a group are banding together to support each other.

It aims to offer people who give their time freely to care for others, an opportunity to socialise with others in similar situations.

The Carers Group meet three times a month to help them take a load off by offering a space for a friendly get together on the 1st 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm at the Brooksby Centre.

Treasurer of the Group Marianna McChord said: “It really helps considerably, being a carer can seem isolating, as its hard to socialise and find people that completely understand your situation.

“The group is really just a chance to offer support to people who offer support.

“We have talks from lots of different people and we take day trips to the theatre, central station just anywhere really.

“It helps to be around people that are in a similar situation, as people can share their experiences and worries if they want to and sometimes other people in the group have went through the same thing and can help.

“Equally it is a lot about socialising so if people just want to come along for a chat then that is okay too, we are really just a group of friends with similar circumstances.

With around 20 members the regular meet ups have allowed the group to make life long friends, joining in day trips and nights out.

She added: “We always try and keep the atmosphere light and have as much fun as we can, whilst we sit around having a cup of tea and biscuits.

“We help each other with form filing, as this can be a big stress for carers and it can be confusing, so to have the help from people that have already done it is brilliant.

“It offers people a chance to get out the house and just have a wee bit of time to themselves.

“Whether people are caring for family or partner or anything it just gives them a place for release and to relax.

“The day trips are a great chance to socialise more, and again just get out the house.”

The group have had talks from a range of different people including North Ayrshire Council, the Flower Club and even funeral directors.

Those wishing to get involved with are welcome to join the group at their meetings.