The Friends of Millport Town Hall are feeling lucky as they launch their Cumbrae lottery in their attempts to regenerate the town hall.

The lottery will be run in conjunction with the unity lottery and players will be in with the chance of winning up to £25,000, from Saturday August 3.

It is hoped the money will be used for the town hall however if the feasibility study proves the project is not viable, the money will be distributed to local causes decided by the community.

A spokesperson for Friends of Millport Town Hall said: “This is a risk-free way for us to attract people to support this initiative.

"Not only is there the chance of people winning, but with 50p of the pound coming directly to us it is a brilliant way to raise funds.

“Following a second consultation with the local community, support for the regeneration of this historic building is growing.

“There is a third consultation exercise planned for September and we now have a Facebook Millport Town Hall Group page and invite people to join.

“The more players there are the more money Cumbrae gets so we are asking everyone to send the message out to families, friends and all those who love Cumbrae.”

Anyone over the age of 16 is able to play as long as they are a UK resident, with 50 per cent of each pound going to Cumbrae.

Anyone feeling lucky can purchase a ticket for one pound a week and will be allocated a six-digit Unity Lottery number, which will remain theirs for as long as they want to play.

To win players have to match 3, 4, 5 or all 6 digits in the correct place or sequence, with the winner being drawn every Saturday.

The weekly prizes include £25,000, £1000 or £25 or the chance to win free entries.

You can join the Cumbrae Lottery by going to and searching for Cumbrae or by filling out the application form which can be found in the town and posted for free to Unity Lottery.

The Friends of Millport Town Hall will hold their third consultation on September 15 from 3.30pm to 5.30pm and offers the chance to discuss the future of the town hall.

They will also host a Disco and Cabaret afterwards from 7.30pm, however this will be a ticketed event.