Residents suffered a rude awakening early on a recent Saturday morning to a deluge of dirty brown water running down their street.
The problem started at the junction of Phillips Avenue and Holehouse Avenue resulting in the road access having to be closed, and persisted throughout the morning.
It was reported on community social media pages at around 7.45am that stinking water was continuing to pour out, and the road was beginning to break up.
However, the issue could not be resolved,and the water was left to leak into a massive hole after repairs were delayed and continued throughout the weekend, and the start of this week.
Excavation works then had to be carried out as the area had barricades put up.
On Saturday morning, Largs Police were also called over fears concerning subsidence to the road.
Scottish Water were called but didn't turn up to try and fix the problem till late morning. 
Work finished at 10pm on Saturday evening, and continued on Sunday morning.
It was around a year ago that a water burst occurred very close by in the Holehouse Court area of Largs 
In August 2017, the water jet had sprung around 40 feet in the air, and was running for a full hour at the same intensity, shooting up water and pieces of debris, damaging local gardens.
The latest incident has resulted in local residents calling for a wider investigation of the area.
Resident Stuart Draffan told the 'News': "They've out a cuff on the pipe and are filling it back in. It doesn't seem to be much of an investigation when its the second time it has happened in under a year within 300 yards.
"The water was seeping out on Saturday morning. People witnessed it around 5am.
"During the day they have filled in most of the hole. They did request to take a sample of water on Sunday night to "ensure its not contaminated". I've yet to receive anything telling me to be careful with the drinking water."

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Customers in Largs experienced disruption to their normal water supply following a burst on a 15 inch main in Phillips Avenue, Largs on Saturday morning.  

“Scottish Water worked hard to restore normal supplies to affected properties as quickly as possible and tankers were brought in to provide customers with alternative supplies.

“Now that the repair has been completed, we’re working to reinstate the area as soon as possible and would like to thank everyone affected for their patience and understanding.”