LARGS prom is under siege from a flock of squawking seagulls swooping down on members of the public.
The problem has been highlighted following several incidents which have left people terrified.
In recent weeks, aggressive gulls have regularly been swooping down on unsuspecting passers-by with food in their hands.
It was reported last week that one woman was attacked by five seagulls.
Coffee cups and doughnuts were knocked out of a prom walker’s hands and the birds were also seen ‘attacking people in the high street’ outside a fast food shop.
There was an alarming episode last year when a gull went into a pram and the baby inside it had to be rescued. 
Largs independent Councillor Ian Murdoch feels the seagull situation is getting out of control.
He said: “I will be raising this issue with the council as it has become more dangerous over the years.
“I have watched adults and, more worryingly children, having chips, ice cream cones and doughnuts taken from their hands.
“People are being injured and it is a problem that has to be addressed but in the correct way.”
The campaigner who set up the ‘Please Don’t Feed the Seagulls’ drive three years ago says it is time for the authorities to step in.
Jane Wilson, below, left, who launched the campaign in 2015 after a family friend’s child was attacked by a gull, said: “It seems some are unaware that it is dangerous and illegal to feed wild animals. 
“We should target these people with a banner at the bottom of the Haylie Brae, posters on the train, a mural at the station and more signage on the prom. 
“Ideally we would have a warden to stop people who are feeding the gulls.
“We could provide locals with wee booklets explaining why seaside towns across Scotland are desperate for visitors to not feed the gulls.
“Dog walkers could carry these to show the visitors in need of education.”
Meanwhile Cllr Murdoch says he will be asking why the ‘no feeding seagulls’ signs previously mounted in the town were removed.
He said: “There were new signs placed on the lamp posts last year asking people not to feed the seagulls. 
“Someone has removed them and I have no idea why.
“I have spent a lot of time recently researching what other councils throughout the UK do to deal with this problem.
“I managed to get additional bins placed on the prom and I also got twilight shifts back on this year to empty the bins.
“This has made a significant difference to the amount of rubbish on the prom.
“We need a workable solution to litter and feeding the seagulls in order to keep Largs clean and safe.”
A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “The problem with over-zealous seagulls is one which affects most, if not all, coastal towns in Scotland and the UK at this time of year
“The biggest single factor behind the problem is people feeding the birds. This simply encourages them and makes them even more dependent on our food.
“We have used social media, press and signs along the seafront to try and get the message out there that it’s unacceptable to feed the birds. We will be erecting further signs this week.
“Local businesses have also been reminded of their responsibilities on keeping waste containers secure.
“The issues experienced this summer in Largs, and hundreds of other towns across the UK, mean that the message is clearly not getting across. 
“This is something that needs to be looked at by the numerous partners, including ourselves, so we can all enjoy visiting coastal towns without being pestered by seagulls.”