RESIDENTS on Millport are in a flap over the fate of the last of the Cumbrae geese in the north west of the island over recent years.

They have been based between the ferry slip and the 'Hush Hush' in recent years, and there used to be five of them.

The birds had become something of a visitor attraction for cyclists and joggers but their numbers have dwindled in recent years and there was only one left earlier in the summer.

However, it too has now vanished.

Fears are growing on the island that the last bird was  attacked after a person released their dog.

The matter was said to be reported to the police.

The News asked Alistair Chisholm of the Cathedral of the Isles about the origins of the geese.

He said: "When the Reverend Dale Gray was appointed Warden of the College and Cathedral in 1995, he brought a few white geese with him from Lewis.

"One was called George after a former Bishop, and his party trick was to peck the heels and other parts of old ladies who were guests at the college.

"After a few years the Bishop of that time insisted they had to go, and they were taken to Wee Cumbrae where Peter and Elizabeth Kaye fed them, though they lived outside.

"After the Kaye's left Wee Cumbrae, a group of white feral domestic geese, looking very like George and his harem, appeared at the north end of Great Cumbrae, and I assumed were the same group.

"Locals began to feed them, and they have lived there wild ever since, till this summer."

The island police force have told the News that they are looking into the complaint that the birds have come to harm.

Anyone with information that could help the inquiry is asked to call 101.

Pic: Suki McGregor.