NOSTALGIA buffs from Millport are chasing funding to launch a new oral history project in the hope of creating a heritage centre for the island.

Friends of Millport hall hope to keep memories alive and teach people about the rich heritage of the island.

They hope that if the town hall can be restored it could be a base for historical artefacts to be displayed.

Secretary of the group Mari Wallace, who came up with the idea, said: “I grew up on the island and know a lot of the older people and I know they have amazing stories to share.

“This would be a fantastic opportunity to capture the memories of people who remember the island as it has changed over the decades.

“It’s something the island really needs, there are a lot of characters that live here that have interesting tales to tell and know so much about its history.

“People have so many fabulous old photos that are put on Facebook and then they just disappear again.

"This would allow for them to be properly displayed.

“There are many stories people have heard just from them being passed down through generations and its important to capture these.

“Every year when older people pass away we lose some of these stories and memories, the oral history project is a way of keeping them alive.

“It would be another tourist attraction for Cumbrae and could even encourage more school trips, as well as acting as a great resource for our own school.”

Funding would be used to pay for experts to teach volunteers how to interview, film, edit and research material.

The group have already received support from MSP Jamie Greene, plus the community council and the historical society.

Mr Greene said: “Projects like this have vital historical importance to help ensure that memories of the last century are not lost but captured for future generations.

“I am delighted to do what I can as a regional MSP to help secure funding for this project, so we can safeguard Millport’s proud history.

“I would urge other local politicians and the wider public to show support for this campaign – by working together there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

Friends of Millport are hoping to gain as much support as possible for the idea, so they can show prospective funders the level of interest.

Anyone who would like to get involved should email Mari Wilson at