The last Cumbrae goose on the island has been found dead on a rock following growing concerns for its wellbeing.

Since the ‘News’ revealed last week concerns the goose was attacked by a dog, a regular visitor to the island has explained that she had found it dead at Indian Rock.

Brenda Buchanan who grew up on the island and returns regularly to visit, says she was very fond of feeding the goose and was upset to discover its body.

She said: “I come to the island a lot with my husband and we always looked forward to seeing the geese.

“On July 26 we had been feeding the one goose at the Indian Rock area and when we were done it waddled on down to the beach.

“The next day we were due to leave, and I had went with my mum to feed it one last time before we went.

“We returned to the same area we had been the night before and couldn’t see it, so walked along the beach a bit.

“Sadly, we found its body on a rock, someone had lifted it and sat it there with some flowers.

“It didn’t look to have been attacked, so it may have just been old age that it had died of, but I guess we will never know.

“I walked away very upset, its such a shame and something I really looked forward to every time I came back to the island.”

Believed to be part of the same flock that came to the island in 1995, it is thought to have been the last surviving on the island.

The geese were known to take up home at the north west end of the island, however Brenda believed that the sole bird had moved due to the amount of people during the sunny weather.

Brenda added: “When we came last year there was two left and the year before there was four, so they have been slowly decreasing in numbers for a while.

“People loved feeding them, so it is a shame that there will no longer be any on the island.”