Largs residents are worried council action may not be enough to prevent a fatal accident as reckless drivers are speeding on the road.

Residents have expressed their concerns following many near lethal crashes at the top of Burnside Road- as drivers are speeding over the top of the roundabout.

Council officials have agreed to paint over the road markings already present and ensure road signs are visible, however residents believe this is not enough.

Cars are said to be speeding out of Inverclyde Sports Centre and failing to stop at the junction.

Sharon Sellar is one of many people who have almost crashed at the roundabout as a result of careless drivers.

She said: “I stopped there and there was nothing coming so I went around the roundabout onto Alexander Avenue.

“As I was doing so a car came flying up Burnside Road straight over the middle of the roundabout heading towards Inverclyde sports centre.

“The driver noticed me at the last minute and stopped but then sounded his horn as if I was in the wrong.

“I’m here to tell the tale but it could have been very different.”

Councillor Ian Murdoch raised the issue with the council who have to take appropriate action.

He said: “I went to the road to see what the situation was and took pictures to send to the roads department and whilst I was there I witnessed several vehicles in all directions fail to follow the rules of a roundabout.

“I have raised the issue with NAC roads department who have agreed to have white road markings refreshed.

“There was also a stop sign which was being obscured by branches from a tree which they have agreed to look at.

“With the signs and road marking clearly visible the rest is down to driver behaviour, although I will look in to the suggestions made by residents for speed bumps or building up the roundabout.”

Residents believe there is likely to be a serious accident if further action is not taken, with suggestions of speedbumps to slow down drivers approaching the roundabout.

Sharon believes that whilst this is a start it is unlikely to change the way drivers are using the roundabout.

She added: “I don’t think signs will help, maybe if there were cameras there that would help to deter them, if people knew they were going to get caught.

“Or perhaps if the roundabout could be built up to prevent drivers from going over the top of it.

“There’s lots of sensible drivers in Largs, but some people just don’t care and drive how they please.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: "We carried out an assessment of the roundabout which identified a need to refresh the road markings and remove vegetation which had obscured road signage.

"We are currently making arrangements to have this work carried out as soon as possible."