TEACHERS at Largs Primary as seeing double as three sets of twins start life at the school.

The siblings were smartly dressed for their first day and were keen to get settled into primary school life.

Adam and Elliot Francetti are the only boy siblings to be entering the year together, but the teachers will have no trouble telling them apart as they aren't identical.

Twins Lucy and Jack Giles and Zarra and Zakk McLaughlin were also proudly welcomed into the primary one class of 2018.

They help to make up the 66 pupils who form the primary one classes.

Head teacher Julie Dorian said “None of the twins are identical and we only have one that’s the same gender so that makes it easier for us to tell them apart.

"This is the first year we are starting as one a collective primary one since Kelburn and Brisbane Primary joined to make Largs Primary at the new campus.

“We would normally have one set of twins in each school but we are delighted to have three sets in our first year all together.

“We have almost 70 primary ones joining us this year which are split across three classes, but all work closely together.

“These are our first primary ones but most of them have progressed from Largs Early Years and a few have come from surrounding nurseries.”

The new pupils kicked off the year with some active learning, teaching them abouts sounds and numbers.

The twins and their classmates helped settle in at the school by pairing up with older buddies at lunchtime for the first week.

Julie added: “They have settled in very well, as have all the new pupils.

"They are looking forward to learning about dinosaurs in the coming weeks.

“Everyone is loving the new school and it was a smooth transition as I was already the head teacher of the other schools for the past two years.”

Primary one teachers Miss Ross, Mrs Lamont and Miss Storie had the privilege of welcoming the new pupils to their classes.