A Largs mother is collecting school uniforms in a bid to help struggling families ensure their children don’t go without.

Largs Academy mum, Hayley Coyle says she knows the difficulties of trying to keep up with the expectations of families to provide their children with the latest trends for school.

To help alleviate the pressure and cost on families she is collecting school uniforms, shoes and bags to distribute to those who need the extra help.

Hayley is keen to get the communities support and set up events displaying the donations which would allow families to come along and choose items they need.

She said: “I have two kids, one who is in 4th year at the academy and one that will go to school next year.

“I hear stories from my daughter and from my friends about local kids going without and I used to be one of those kids, so it’s quite close to my heart.

“The expectations of families now are so high, especially when they are expected to have all the labels.

“If we can get something like this set up on a regular basis, it might take the pressure off some of our local families.”

Hayley has already set up a Facebook page and received donations of school uniforms, shoes and lunch boxes but is keen to keep the momentum going.

She said: “I’ve been humbled by the amount of people who have donated, I feel like this is something that we can really make happen now.

“I wanted to generate interest to gauge if it was a good idea that our community would support, and it undoubtedly has been.

“I have received lots of donations and people getting in touch to say that they want to donate.

“A lovely lady contacted me that is a member of the PTA and says she will raise the issue at the next meeting, and hopefully I can gain some space to store all the donations.”

Hayley has struggled to identify people who could use the help, but hopes by gaining the backing of the school they would be able to let families know about the donations.

Whilst this school term has started Hayley plans to hold an event at the beginning of January where people can pick from the donations made.

She added: “I have collected a lot now and if people keep donating I’ll have an event that people can come and choose items.

“Hopefully with the school backing me I can have an event before the schools go back in January and one before the new school year.

“I’m in talks with even having a barber or hairdresser at the event too.

“Even if the school can’t get behind it, I will definitely still go ahead with the event in January.”