With state of the art technology on your doorstep, why not head along to the exemplary fitness suite at Inverclyde Sports Centre in Largs?
Enjoy free access to the spacious gym on Sunday 9 September between 11am and 3pm to find out more.
Helpful and expert instructors will be on hand to lead you through a mini workout or chat to you about our 1 to 1 programming.
It’s a perfect opportunity if you were considering a gym membership in the lead up to, dare we say it, the festive period!
Their fitness suite is a welcoming environment, not only do they have top class equipment and an endless range of possibilities to get a workout in, so if the traditional treadmill isn’t for you then never fear they have tonnes of functional equipment for you to get your muscles in to.
Sports instructors work with everyone one on one to develop a programme specifically for you, and will continue working with you until you achieve your goals, or indeed change them for new goals. 
They don’t stop developing new ways to workout for you which is a rare find in a gym these days, especially when it comes with no extra cost.
Also included in the memberships are their wide range of popular fitness classes ranging from spinning to pilates and everything in between, we really think there’s something for everyone!
So why not pop along on Sunday with a friend and see what we are all about, no obligation to join.
See you all in the gym!