Residents have hit out at weeds growing on the streets of Largs, and says it provides an unwelcoming sight to visitors heading up to Inverclyde Sports Centre.

Bill Dow contacted the 'News' to bemoan the state of some local streets, and said the problem stems from the absence of weed killer being put down in advance.

However, the local authority have blamed the 'volatile' weather during the past few months behind the issue.

And one of the main stretches - Burnside Road which is one of the main roads leading up to Inverclyde Sports Centre - is blighted by weeds.

Speaking to the 'News' Bill said: "I have spoken to two different councillors about this problem during the past three weeks,

"The problem is that the council haven't come down in the spring time to sprinkle weed killer down to deal with the weeds.

"It is now overgrown, and it is very unsightly.

"Anyone going up to the national sports centre and seeing the place like that is no good."

In recent weeks, various dignitaries have been visiting Inverclyde Sports Centre including the sports minister, and the Vice Chair of European Gymnastics.

Mr Dow believes more action is necessary by the council in order to prevent the weeds in the streets overgrowing.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said “There been no reduction to the frequency of weed killing across North Ayrshire.

“It has been quite a volatile year in terms of weather – long dry summer followed by periods of heavy rain - which has significantly reduced the effectiveness of the weedkiller used and has made it more difficult to contain the weeds.

“In this area, one spray has taken place and weeds have also been scraped out from the surface. A further spray will take place in late September at the end of the grass-cutting season.”