An award winning comedian who has been given the seal of approval by Frankie Boyle is heading for a live stand up show at Barrfields.
The Big, Bald, Bearded Glaswegian. A naturally skilful and riveting raconteur, Scott Gibson mixes a conversational style with his own unique brand of dark humour, gloriously bad language and shrewd observations. 
He regularly vents his incredulous anger speaking harsh truths that lead his audience down a path few dare to tread; the best lines, ostensibly the ones that cut closest to the bone.
Working any room he plays like a champion Gibson's amazing ability to sneak powerful themes and experiences into what might appear to be a traditionally bawdy set, and political incorrectness, has allowed him to move up the ranks quicker than many before him. 
His brush with mortality galvanised him into becoming a stand-up and inspired the show Life After Death, which won the 33-year-old the Edinburgh Comedy Best Newcomer Award at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. Making him the first Scottish Comic in history to do so.
He is a family face having hosted Largs Comedy Club nights at Barrfields already during the past year, and will be launching new material in his show 'Anywhere but Here' which comes to Barrfields Theatre in Largs on Friday September 21.
Scott was just 16 when he first tasted freedom from the shackles of parental control. Only a wee thing, he was accompanied by an army of seven fearless school friends as they left the rural idylls of Renfrewshire behind them, setting course for a voyage of discovery.
Their destination? Kavos, of course. Where else?
Delivered in his breathlessly inimitable style, Gibson takes you on an epic odyssey that charts the bullheaded adventures and choppy waters of youth. A reflective and blisteringly funny treatise on the escapism and hedonism that travel promises, this is a story about friendship, love, pool parties, travel insurance, pushing your limits, plunging headfirst into the deep and the Greek third-choice goalie. 
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