One of the oldest hotels in Largs is set to be demolished to pave the way for a new housing development.

An application as been made for the hotel to be flattened with the erection of 14 flatted dwellings in its place.

MPB Structures Ltd, C/o Barker Storey Matthews of Peterborough have applied for the planning permission.

A previous application in 2010 to demolish the hotel and provide 12 flats in an L-shaped block was refused by the local authority.

In mid-July of this year, the Queen's in Greenock Road suddenly shut down with signs outside stating that it was due to a forthcoming refurbishment.

Guests who had booked the Greenock Road premises for the weekend had to be accommodated by other hotels in the local area.

Closed for refurbishment signs had gone up, while a staff member had told the 'News' that there was a hot water problem and the premises would be re-opening in January.

But the new planning application indicates that the housing development is back on the cards for the hotel which previously hosted the Scotland football team in the 1960s and 70s.

In terms of the building line, it is further forward than what is was before at the Queens Hotel Hutton Park

There is one lift in the new complex, and it has two bedroom accommodation.

The matter was discussed at the recent Largs Community Council meeting.

However, Jim Perman, who chairs the planning sub-committee, said: "Closed for renovations? That will be right!

"There are plans and a footprint as to how it compares to previously. I am personally not objecting to it and they have brought it a bit further forward to provide some more space at the back.

"But can I clarify with the issue about more wheelie bins with purple wheelie bins to split the glass and paper.

"The back of this proposed building has 14 bin enclosures - I don't think you can get three wheelie bins in any of these. I think they should have a communal bin area like the one at Castlebay Court instead.

"They have tried to jam two flats in a roof space area, and there is only one window at the front and two skylines in each. There are also three floors of four, plus the roof space."

"Currently the Queen's Hotel. there is a porch at the front, so it actually looks further forward. It is further forward than Hutton Park but not as far forward as Millennium Court.

Drew Cochrane said: "It seems very reasonable for that site for 14 flats, and seems do-able. We have had applications come before this table for locations in Greenock Road who wanted to build 100 units."

And Patricia Perman added: "I think it is fine - I would rather have that than a hotel falling to bits as it is currently not doing anyone any favours."

The community council will put together a final response towards North Ayrshire planning who will make a final decision in the near future.

The traditional farmstead style hotel has existed in Largs for decades, and appeared in tourism brochures going as far back as the 1940s in Largs.

Parking spaces at the site will extend from 20 to 29 according to the application.