Supermum tennis coach Judy Murray has revealed in her autobiography how she regularly played the game at Inverclyde Sports Centre in Largs when she was growing up.

The all weather courts at Inverclyde are currently used by Largs Tennis Club after they moved up to the sports centre this year.

Such was her dedication to the game from an early age, Judy recalls in the opening chapter of her new book 'Know the Score' how she used to venture through to Largs by getting a train from Dunblane to Glasgow Queen Street and then walking to Glasgow Central to Largs, before walking it to the sports centre at the back of town for national events and tennis camps. It is a total journey time of four hours. It was to be the launchpad for her as she went o take part in a string of matches and tournaments around the country.

Judy, the mother of Grand Slam champs Andy and Jamie, admitted it to being 'thrilling' to be picked for the national squad at the age of 13.

She recalls that the sports centre from its early days in 1972, fourteen years after it had been officially opened by the Queen and Prince Philip in 1958.

Judy also writes about her memories of the wooden indoor courts and the 'air hall' at the sports centre which was a rubber court inside a bubble which even included an air-tight door.

Largs resident Sally Gibson, whose father was well known Fairlie tennis coach Phil Proctor, recalls heading to Inverclyde as part of a team of ball boys and girls to assist at the national events at Inverclyde Sports Centre.

"Yes, I remember Judy as her original name, Judy Erskine," said Sally, "There was a group of us who were invited to help as ball boys and ball girls.

"I am sure Judy would have met my dad as he was one of the coaches.

"I recall a match when Scotland were playing against Holland.

"She was one of Scotland's best tennis players."

As well as coaching her sons on to great things, Judy has also served as Fed Cup tennis captain for the British ladies, and also pulled off a star turn in the BBC's Come Dancing, as well as being a learned co-commentator and summariser on occasions.

Largs Tennis Club moved from the old blaes courts at Douglas Park to Inverclyde Sports Centre this year, and member Lesley MacLellan recalls the 'air bubble' tennis courts as very noisy.

Since moving, the tennis club can now operate out of Inverclyde Sports Centre all year round, as opposed to just during the summer months at Douglas Park.

In recent years, funds from Largs Euromillionaires Colin and Chris Weir were used in providing a re-laying of the all weather astoturf courts for the benefit of Inverclyde Sports Centre, and the community. And Inverclyde itself underwent a major £12m revamp to become an all inclusive facility, with work being carried out this year to improve the access to the tennis courts area.

Judy Murray last visited the local area to open the re-vitalised West Kilbride Tennis courts two and a half years ago.