BUSINESS bosses have welcomed proposals looking at bringing a jetty to Largs seafront to boost tourism.

Councillors have agreed to spend over £22,000 to look at the feasibility of a concrete jetty structure in the local bay in a bid to make the town more attractive to boat users.

Consultants are currently carrying out various surveys, which should be completed next month.

Graham Scott at Morris's believes the study cash will prove to be money well spent.

He said: "There is nothing nicer when you are looking out there on a lovely day when the yachts and boats are about, you do not see enough of it.

"Given how much money there is in boats, you never seem them down here.

"My best weekend in 31 years here was the powerboat weekend.

"I am all for that - anything that brings people in."

Stephen McDonald, owner of Lounge Restaurant, said: "Largs is a seaside resort and a jetty would be very beneficial on the coast.

"I think it would be fabulous for the town and give it a very European feel.

"We could perhaps get eight-10 weeks of good summer weather next year, so it could be fantastic."

Claudio Nardini, co-owner of Nardini at the Moorings, says a jetty would be a 'great idea'.

He said: "The marina is too far out and you need to look at smaller towns like Rothesay and Tignabruaich, where you can go straight in with your boat, and that is what these west coast towns are all about, so it would be a great benefit for Largs.

"The fact you can jump off and you are right in the centre of town would attract boat users.

"It would make a lot of sense.

"You could even have a wee riverboat between Largs and Greenock to lighten the load on the road."