Well-kent Radio Scotland football pundit, and regular Millport visitor Chick Young is the latest to slam the patched up football surface at the Garrison in Millport.
North Ayrshire Council are refusing to budge over the situation after growing criticism from Scottish football professionals, church minister Reverend Jonathan Fleming, and parents and kids who use the surface.
Chick is in talks with a Millport football team about bringing over his team Dulka Pumpherston made up of former Scottish football stars and celebs to take part in a match to raise awareness of the poor quality fo the pitch.
Speaking to the 'News', Chick said: "I have been up to the astro pitch at The Garrison and took photos of it.
"I have been a frequent visitor to Millport for centuries, and I was shocked to see the state of the pitch - it is a disgrace.
"We are looking at bringing Dulka Pumperston to play a match on the Isle of Cumbrae to raise awareness of the situation, and I'd be happy to personally play in it.
"We want to be encouraging families and kids to be staying on the island, and the council should really look at trying to do something about it.
"I saw the recent Largs and Millport Weekly News coverage about Chris Millar slating the repair job of the pitch, and I couldn't agree more.
Chick, who regularly visits Millport on his boat, has carried out his own inspection of the surface, and was horrified by what he discovered.
He said: "You can actually lift some of the patchwork - it is quite conceivable that a kid could catch himself on it and do him or herself a serious injury.
"We did a programme at Portree recently and they seem to get investment in good quality astroturf parks from Highlands and Islands Enterprise.
"It is beyond me how anyone from North Ayrshire Council can see that pitch is acceptable - I would like to know what these repairs cost.
"Absolutely it is dangerous, if you are running with studs and souls and the pitch is at different levels, you can easily catch your foot.
"Far from being an improvement, it has probably made things worse."
The all weather synthetic pitch was built in 2008 at a cost of £175,000, but wear and tear led to holes and gaps appearing in the surface earlier this year.
Local gran and island correspondent Mary Currie blasted the state of the pitch, and with support of Cumbrae Community Council, called for the holes to be repaired, but the patching job has gained strong criticism.
However, the council have insisted that they are satisfied with the pitch, and it will take time for the patches to bed in with more play.