A new Victorian festival for Millport is due to take place on April 27 and 28 in 2019.
The "Doon the years, Doon the watter" event is hosting a public meeting in the Garrison on 16 October from 5-7pm and organisers are urging interested members of the public to come along.
Islander Frances Melling said: "There will be concerts and plays and side-shows for everyone,as well as Victorian games and competitions for the kids. 
"Come and learn to race with a gird and cleek!
"Consult a real fortune teller, or watch an exhibition of "mind-reading" as the Victorians did, or go and see the magician and his lovely assistant mesmerising with miraculous sleight of hand. 
"Compare maps of Victorian Millport and the town of today, and be charmed by today's young dancers as you browse stalls and nibble Victorian sweetmeats, or learn to play croquet with costumed instructors."
"We are encouraging people to keep the dates open, and to get into the mood by finding, making or buying costumes for the occasion."