A total of 28 new modern flats are to be provided for the replacement of Sheltered Housing in School Street in Largs.
There had been speculation that the ageing police station alongside the housing complex could form part of the plans a few years ago.
However, North Ayrshire Council confirmed to the 'News' that they are not included and form no part of the development. The police station was built in the 1870s, including the former burgh court building, and is expected to move to the Brooksby Medical Centre in future as part of an all agency approach in the one building.
The new sheltered housing for School Street/Boyd Street will replace the current 25 flats already on site, and while the construction of the site is taking place, residents will be sent to the new sheltered housing area at the former Largs Academy site.
After a year in the new properties, residents will then have the option of moving back to School Street/Boyd Street when it is completed, or staying in situ.
The developments form part of the council’s vision to deliver more than 1000 new properties by 2023 – one of the most ambitious council house building programmes in the UK.
The current build is no longer deemed fit for purpose with a lot of stairs, and its situated in two buildings.
The new St Colm's complex will be all in one and have new communal lounge and kitchen area, as in place at the moment, and a new Visiting Services area - a room set up like a hairdressing salon, podiatry, dentist, etc. so that such a service can be carried out in this room rather than in the resident's home if they don't want to.
There will be a scooter store for mobility transport, allowing for nine units.
A new communal residents garden will also be included with final designs to be made available at a later date.
It is going to be a three story development so will have a very different outlook to the present build.
There will be extra day rooms on the other floors, and in the tenant's houses, there will be new bathrooms with wet floor shower rooms, and grab rails and will be dementia friendly using distinctive colouring on the different floors with clear signage and pictures.
There will be two lifts in the new complex, and there will also be braille on the signs.
It is planned to be open for spring 2021, and the residents will leave the current property in spring 2020.
A tenant liaison officer will examine the needs of each tenant and whether they require day care while the move takes place.
There are 18 one bedroom and 10 two bedrooms properties within the development. Residents were kept fully informed of the new designs before last week's consultation held at the Largs Campus.
An increase in parking spaces to 16 is also included within the designs.
The heating system for the site is still to be decided, but it would be too small a development to benefit from district heating system which is being introduced at the new campus building.
Solar panels and are other sustainable options are also potentially on the cards for the new build, and this, along with the new garden plans, will feature in future consultations.
Residents are also getting the opportunity to travel to similar developments carried out within North Ayrshire so that they can see for themselves the forthcoming improvements set for the new build.
The proposals will be available to view online at www.northayrshire.community/consultations/open-consultations where residents will also be able to add their comments.
Cabinet member for Place, Councillor Jim Montgomerie, said: “We’re well on track to build more than 1000 new Council houses by 2023.
“Having already completed a number of developments and with others currently underway, we are not standing still – we are determined to deliver modern, energy-efficient homes that meet the needs of our residents.
“We are changing people’s lives for the better and transforming communities in every part of North Ayrshire.”