BBC sports pundit Chick Young believes Millport is missing out on a potential honeypot by not providing a floating pontoon area to allow boats to easily visit.
Chick is a regular visitor to the Isle of Cumbrae and spoke to the 'News' recently about improving on shore facilities for boat users.
He said: "By virtue, if you have a boat, then you have got a few boab - would you not want to attract that kind of visitor to Millport.
"I have been following the Save the Millport Pier campaign with interest.
"I really think there needs to be somewhere where you can easily tie up by way of getting ashore.
"When you are deciding where to go, people will go to the likes of Portavadie because it has floating pontoons - why can't you have the same thing in Millport?
"It would be great - you could nip across from Largs, and there would be plenty of spin-offs for pubs, restaurants and bars."
Chick, who has a boat at Largs Yacht Haven, said: "These people with boats have cash to splash so it really is a missed opportunity."
"People want to go somewhere where they can safely tie their boat up for the night safe and sound. 
"Even if you pay for an overnight fee based on the length of your boat, I am sure it would be a good thing."
Around a year ago, the Save Millport Pier campaign handed in a petition of over 9,200 signatures to Council leader Joe Cullinane at Cunninghame House.
Mari Wallace who is heading the campaign, said: “Millport Pier is the front door of our island, and with it being closed, it is already having a detrimental effect on our economy. 
"The Waverley can’t come in to Millport Pier, and neither can the Hebridean Princess, or other boat such as the Vic 32 puffer. The number of visiting yachts to the moorings has also reduced this year. That is partly due to the weather, but we are boat owners and sailors and it is also due to the fact that sailors can’t easily land their dinghies. 
"They are wanting step ashore facilities.
“It is about the future economy of our island because with offshore breakwaters, and we maintain a pier, we have the facilities for the future development of Millport marine tourism, and it does open up the possibility of a new marina.”