A STRETCH of Largs beach has been compared to a neglected football pitch after becoming overrun by unsightly weeds.
Local woman Linda Hodge, of School Wynd, says she was spurred into contacting the News after reading in a recent edition how Burnside Road in Largs on the way up to Inverclyde Sports Centre had become an unsightly mess.
Her home looks out on the prom and she says the issue needs urgently addresses.
The retired silk florist said: "All summer it has gradually been getting worse,
"I live directly across from it and noticed the weeds becoming thicker and thicker when we had the really hot weather.
"I am mostly housebound because I have ME, but when I am out and about I like to go down the seafront. This is totally spoiling it, not just for me, but for everyone..
"It is spread right along the prom from the old pier to the north of Wetherspoons and goes right along toward's Quilly's amusements.
"It is really bad, it looks dreadful and I don't know what visitors to the town must think.
"The weeds also seem to attract flies so it is really something that should be attended to as a matter or urgency.
"I don't know why it has not been sorted, the weeds are now covering the peebles."

Largs and Millport Weekly News:
Linda, who moved to Largs 11 years ago, said otherwise the shore looked great, adding: "I have always found Largs to be very pleasant and have been coming here since I was a child.
"The young people are very friendly, and it is such a lovely town.
"It is just a shame that the shore is in such a state. The long grass and weeds are making it look like a rundown football pitch.
"It was when I saw the recent article in the Largs and Millport Weekly News about the weeds in Burnside Road that I thought about how important it is to highlight the issue.
"Something really needs done as it is currently unacceptable."
North Ayrshire Council, who recently blamed the WEATHER for the issue with the pavements at Burnside Road, said: “We thank the paper for drawing this to our attention.
"Residents who wish to raise an issue with the council are advised to call our customer service centre 01294 310000.”