SOME-FIN special is on sale at a Largs ice cream shop - a new treat named after Kylie the dolphin.
Geraldo's in Largs is making waves after launching Kylie's Flipperberry Ripple in honour of the famous local fish.
They want to raise awareness of the Friends of Firth of Clyde's fight to 'save' the popular Clyde creature.
Campaigners are worried that a new oil rig scrap yard at Hunterston could threaten Kylie's life.
The group's Rhona Cameron, who is pictured with Toni Dawson of Geraldo's accepting the ice cream, said: "We have invented the new ice cream to promote the campaign.
"Everybody who purchases an ice cream will receive a leaflet seeking interest in the protection of marine life in connection with the decommissioning of oil rig yard plans for Hunterston."
Kylie recently shot to fame when she made an appearance on BBC's The One Show in front of millions of TV viewers.
Geraldo's owner Toni Dawson and Rhona got their heads together to come up with the exciting title for their new product.
Toni said: "We thought we had to come up with something that would be memorable.
"It needed to be a berry - you could do strawberry or cherry ripple, but I thought it needed to have something which appealed to kids too.
"So we looked at something blue too with the ocean. 
"We used some of the the Unicorn flavour, which is pink, and blue bubblegum combined with glittery sherbet on it.
"The blue bubblegum with bubblegum millions scattered through it is for the bubbles in the sea, and with a blue bubblegum sauce.
"I have the leaflets in the shop so we can keep our beautiful area for Kylie safe and clean, whatever that involves.
"The reaction so far was fantastic."
Toni spotted Kylie the dolphin when out on a sail earlier this year.
She said: "We didn't know Kylie was there and suddenly she appeared right at the front of the boat and jumped a few times out of the water. 
"It was amazing to see!
"We are happy to do anything we can to help publicise the campaign - and thought providing our own Kylie Flipperberry Ripple was the perfect way to do so!"