A LARGS pensioner was brought back from the dead no fewer than 10 TIMES after suffering repeated cardiac arrests.
The family of 93-year-old Michael McGroary have today thanked the paramedics, NHS doctors and nurses who rallied around to save his life.
Michael, who lives in Hollywood flats, had to be resuscitated several times as paramedics, cardiologists and medics fought to keep him alive.
The former army veteran is now recovering in Inverclyde Royal Hospital and showing signs of progress.
His daughter Anne said: "What the NHS have done to keep my father alive is nothing short of a miracle."
Michael had been driving to the opticians to get a pair of glasses when the accident happened in Greenock Road on September 12.
He suffered a cardiac arrest at the wheel and unfortunately hit an oncoming car occupied by a lady who was thankfully not injured.
The police had grave concerns for the former bomber command veteran, and whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive, a retired nurse came to hold Michael's hand and provide comfort.
His family say they would dearly love to trace the 'angel' to personally thank her. 
Anne said: "The paramedics had to resuscitate him twice on the way to the hospital.
"When it became clear dad would not make it to Golden Jubilee, the ambulance stopped off at Inverclyde where cardiologists worked on dad for 15 minutes and then a cardiologist accompanied dad to the Jubilee. 
"He has just come off the critical list but has a long rehabilitation.
"My family, including my mum Isobel, who is 90, cannot thank all these people enough, and I have sent a thank-you message to Kilmarnock Ambulance Centre.
"All the doctors, paramedics and cardiologists refused to give up on my father and he is here to tell the tale.
"This was nothing but our emergency services at their very best."
"The fact that he is still here is down to a large team of people all pulling together, making quick decisions to save dad's life."
After being treated at Inverclyde Royal, Michael was transferred to the Golden Jubilee with the cardiologist from IRH, and his family have praised the remarkable job of the NHS in ensuring he stayed alive.
Anne said: "You hear so many horror stories that the NHS don't look after the elderly, and the cuts.
"Everyone rallied round, made the right decision and never gave up on him, and we, as a family, are so grateful. 
"It really is the NHS at its very best.
"Even a nurse provided a cup of tea for my mum when she arrived at the hospital in a panic, and settled her down while I was 400 miles away.
"There can't be many 93-year-olds who suffer a major heart attack after a car crash and go on to survive in this manner - it is nothing short of a miracle.
"They don't make them like my father any more.
"It is something very special about this generation and their indomitable spirit - it is an inspiration to us all."
"We as a family can never thank the paramedics, cardiologists, critical care nurses and police enough for what they have done to help save my father - God bless them all."
Michael had been due to attend the Battle Of Britain air show in Duxford but is currently in Inverclyde Royal recovering.
He took part in the VE celebrations in London in 2015 and was interviewed on BBC TV about his war memories and attended the memorial service at Westminster Abbey.
He spoke about landing on makeshift airfields near enemy lines in liberation loaded aeroplanes with much needed supplies for North Italy and Austria.
The former wireless operator got the opportunity to shake hands with Prince Charles, Camilla, and the then-Prime Minister David Cameron.
He also attended the RAF flypast in July to celebrate 100 years of the Royal Air Force.
Anne added: "My father is just amazing with what he has been through.
"He is sitting up, and is still clearing a bit of fluid and breathless, but he is showing signs of progress."
If you were the retired nurse involved in providing a helping hand to Michael, phone the News office on 01294 447514.