ANGER has erupted over plans to remove trees from three streets in Largs.
The council says they must be removed from George Street, Seamore Street and John Clark Street as they are in poor health, but a petition against the controversial move has attracted over 200 signatures.
A leaflet has been distributed around the area advising people of the decision.
The notice from the local authority's Commercial Services (Streetscene) unit says: "Please note that North Ayrshire Council intends to remove trees from 29 October until 2 November."
The tree-felling will mean road closures from 9am until 4.30pm and people who live in the area have been asked not to park vehicles in the vicinity of works areas during the working hours.
Resident Rosie Thomson is one of the people protesting against the operation.
She said no reason was offered and fears the move will affect the look of the street and harm wildlife.
Rosie told the News: "I was shocked when I received the leaflet.
"The trees add a wee bit of character, they look lovely at this time of year.
"I haven't seen any signs of the the trees rotting or any signs of disease and the leaflet did not explain why the trees have to be taken down.
"The birds use them all year round and nest up on them and it is good for the environment.
"These trees have been in the neighbourhood for a long time and it would be very disappointing to see them go."
Locals have set up a campaign against the removal of the trees at where people have been adding their names in support.
The campaign website says: "North Ayrshire Council have decided to cut down the Avenue trees that have been growing on John Clark Street for decades instead of maintaining them. 
"NAC, give us an environment to be proud of instead of just removing any character from our streets."
All four local councillors have this week visited the area with members of Street Scene to assess the situation.

An online petition has been set up here 
A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The removal is necessary as the trees are not only in poor health and damaging footways but causing a potential risk to residents.
“We have received numerous complaints and inquiries about these trees over the past few years relating to the damage they are causing and concerns over their poor condition.
“In consideration of these factors and to ensure the safety of residents it was agreed that these trees be removed.
“Roads issued a letter notifying residents in John Clark Street, Seamore Street and George Street of the intended works."
The council says an offer of pollarding - or pruning - was received and is 'greatly appreciated but will not save the trees'.
They added: "We are beyond this stage, some of the trees have started to die.
“Given the damage caused to footways it is not intended to re-plant any trees in this area.”