A PROBE was launched at Hunterston 'B' Power Station following three separate incidents where workers or contractors injured themselves on duty.
Earlier this year, staff at the nuclear power plant were celebrating a significant safety milestone as the station reached 10 years without anyone having to take time off due to an injury at work.
However, station director Colin Weir says that industrial safety performance has been 'challenging' between May-June after two employees and one contractor were involved in 'lost time incidents'.
A member of staff was injured during the operation of a moving platform, another worker slipped and injured his elbow and a contractor experienced bruising and abrasions on his legs when grating that he was standing on dislodged. 
Mr Weir said: "All workers have made a full recovery and have returned to work. 
"Full investigations have been carried out into all the incidents.
"These events have sharpened focus on the station’s safety performance and we are rolling out a new safety initiative."
Following the incidents, the new safety plan involves targeting a number of areas for improvement.
They cover areas such as risk awareness, safety leadership, rules, reporting and communication.
Mr Weir added: "In addition to this the station continues to be pro-active in the delivery of the company-wide Working at Height Campaign. 
"Nationwide Platforms were onsite during July demonstrating their virtual reality technology to all mobile elevated working platform operators. 
"In collaboration with the station contract partners there was a 'working at height' promotion day in the canteen, where suppliers were invited to demonstrate equipment." 
The ten year run without anyone having time off due to injury represented 18.2 million hours in total, and was the longest run across all eight UK nuclear power stations.
The new update was circulated in reports for a quarterly site stakeholders group which was held last month at The Waterside Hotel in West Kilbride.
When the report was written, Mr Weir said: "We are currently on day 59 of the Reactor 3 outage, and to date there have been no accident book entries or significant near-miss events related to the outage."