Council street cleaners will get a greater sweep of Largs Town Centre this autumn thanks to additional resources, the 'News' can reveal. 
North Ayrshire's Streetscene team have a team of six street cleansing staff who are covering the Largs area as part of their remit. 
The grounds staff work four days on and four days off, working from 6.30 in the morning until 5.30 at night. 
They operate the small Johnston sweepers, pictured, and Hako (good for small closes) and also lift the litter bags on the promenade. 
This is supplemented by the large mechanical sweeper which covers all of North Ayrshire. 
Largs resident Archie Burleigh had asked the council about the latest situation in relation to cleaning up Largs with the onset of Autumn leaves and high winds providing a lot of debris. 
Thomas Reaney, Senior Manager (Streetscene), said: "Two weeks ago I extended the contract of one of the seasonal gardeners to operate a street cleaning cart in Largs Town Centre. 
"This is a trial to see the benefits a manual cart can provide.
"One of the reasons for doing this is to help control litter at peak times of the day such as lunchtimes. 
"It will also increase the visibility of the street cleaning service and hopefully deter people from dropping litter."
Mr Burleigh responded: "This is great news. The advantage of the hand cart operative is the obvious mobility and flexibility where the mechanical devices are limited: for example narrow pavements where the Johnson units are too wide, or bollarded lanes."