This winter Millport Motors will be operating a 16 seater mini bus on the half hour local service.

Owner Iain Morrison explained: "We will be using the ferry road route between 7:40 am and 7:10 pm. The time saved using this route means we can do an as requested service in town. This means you can be picked up at your street as well as the bus stops on the front street and at Kames Bay and dropped at your street from the ferry. This will provide a must better service than before.
"We also have a second mini bus and a new small local concession fare. Meaning the elderly and disabled in Millport can travel free door to door 9 am to 9 pm. The Dial A Bus and small concession fare for the elderly will need local or national funding to continue in the long term. Meanwhile we encourage everybody to use the Dial A Bus as this will help maintain the free service for the elderly."

Photo: Cumbrae Travel and Tourist Info