THE trees at the centre of a row between campaigners and council bosses WILL be brought down from the middle of next month.
Protesters who have been trying to save the trees say they are dismayed after their calls were snubbed.
The council has detailed the specific trees in three streets which are set for the chop.
An information leaflet has now been sent out to residents in George Street, Seamore Street and John Clark Street regarding the council's decision, explaining the reasons why specific trees have to come down.
It states: "The council has a Tree and Woodland Management Policy which sets out how the council will effectively manage its trees and woodlands.
"The policy is focused around the preservation of trees until it’s impracticable to do so, trees are only felled as a last resort.
"Unfortunately a number of the trees in this area are in poor condition, causing damage to structures, blocking streetlights, causing trip hazards and/or causing access issues and need to be removed.
"Further pruning and/or pollarding has been considered but would not resolve the issues and hazards caused by the trees.
"The works to remove the trees are scheduled to commence 12 November.
"It is recognised that this is not to everyone’s liking but, unfortunately, there is no alternative and the safety of residents is of paramount importance."
Residents have been asked to identify any nearby areas to be considered for the replanting of new saplings.