Conservative councillor Tom Marshall has called for a 'complete overhaul' of ferry services on the Clyde and a timetable set for building replacement vessels.
He put forward a motion put forward by the Tories at North Ayrshire Council, on behalf of Cllr. Billings, who was absent from the meeting.
With technical issues resulting in disruption this year, and with a number of problems on the Largs-Cumbrae route, including a ferry being taken away during the recent Illuminations Weekend in Millport, Cllr. Marshall is calling for solutions.
During a recent North Ayrshire Council meeting, he referred to a 'significant numbers of delays and cancellations due to technical issues' on ferry routes on the Clyde. The Ardrossan-Arran route has also been hard hit, said Cllr. Marshall. 
"These are symptoms of an ageing fleet and the lack of a coherent vision for what a modern ferry service should look like.
"One has to acknowledge that money from the Scottish Government is being thrown at the ferry services, but it is clear that without a clear strategy costs are getting out of control, we are not getting value for the money spent, and the people and businesses who rely on the services are suffering."
Cllr. Marshall called on the Leader of North Ayrshire Council Joe Cullinane to take forward to the Scottish Minister for Transport the
following message: "There needs to be a complete overhaul of how the management structure of the ferry services works. There needs to be a coordinated strategy for Scottish ferry services that includes 1 - a timetable for building replacement vessels to standardised designs that are able to work across the network, and 2: plans to refurbish and renew ports to be able to accommodate ferries from across the network.”
Councillor Marshall asked the above question in the absence of Councillor Billings.
Councillor Cullinane responded: " “Ferries provide a crucial link between our mainland and island communities. North Ayrshire Council has played a pivotal role in securing investment into Brodick and Ardrossan Harbours and continues to work in partnership with the national agencies,
"Transport Scotland and the private sector to ensure our harbour infrastructure is fit for purpose, has long term resilience and is a focal point for our economic regeneration plans.
"The Rural Economy and Connectivity Commission (RECC) is currently considering the future funding for Clyde and Hebrides ferry services as part of its scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s budget. The consultation process which ended on 7 September aimed to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to express their opinions on the level of investment that should be made to support these ferry services in future years.
"The Cabinet approved a response to the consultation on 4 September which has been submitted. However, there is an opportunity as part of a consultation to request that they consider a review the management structure of the ferry services, review of the Ferries Plan (2013-2020), and review of the Vessel Replacement and Deployment Plan (2018).”