A fresh planning row has broken out over the controversial Fairlie housing development.
David Telford, who is a community councillor, has hit out after important documentation into the planning approval of the Dawn Housing development had been taken offline.
He has branded it 'an absolute joke' and wants to see hard copy drawings and documentation brought back.
However, North Ayrshire Council have responded that the conditions are still available online via planning committee minutes.
Mr Telford said: I tried to have a quick look at the planning conditions linked to the new housing at Castlepark. 
"From memory, the condition limiting working hours is contained in the original planning consent for the first 26 houses and 36 flats that are all part of the same overall development.
"As is usual, however, all of the documentation linked to that particular planning consent has now been removed from the e-planning website.
"When e-planning was first introduced the community councils were told that this would make undertaking community council business just so much easier. What an absolute joke!"
Mr Telford sent a request to Cllr. Tom Marshall head of the North Ayrshire planning committee, that the live planning consents are re-instated until the development is completed.
However, in response. Cllr. Marshall said: " I have been in contact with the Planning Manager and I am content with his view that ,” the main purpose of the eplanning system is to inform current applications. The application referred to was granted some while ago and therefore the plans have been removed from the web access.”
"The actual decisions of the planning committee including any Planning conditions can however be viewed in the minutes if the planning committee has posted on the council’s website
"There are no conditions relating to working hours. However if they constitute a perceived noise nuisance then this should be reported to Environmental Health."
In response, Mr Telford said: "Unfortunately, on this one I think we are going to have to agree to disagree.
"If the main purpose of e-planning is to ‘inform current applications’ it begs the question of ‘inform’ who?
"As things currently stand it is most certainly not suitable for the record keeping purposes, required under statute, of the North Ayrshire Community Councils.
" I note what you say in respect of planning committee minutes and planning decisions but, without any form of reference or cross reference, finding any particular consent within years of minutes would be a time consuming, and in any practical sense, impossible task for unpaid, part time community councillors.
"If NAC is to continue removing planning documentation from live, major developments will our North Coast councillors support a request that NAC revert back to the original, well proven, system of providing for community council records hard paper copies of all drawings and associated planning documentation?"
Conditions which haven't been adhered to in recent years including the building of a path between Castlepark Gardens and the Dawn Housing development which required a question asked by Cllr. Alan Hill at the recent NAC meeting asking what was being done to alleviate the situation. A new temporary path has been provided at the spot.