Two Largs Academy pupils have been praised as heroes for rushing to the assistance of an ill Largs man who collapsed at a bus stop in Largs town centre.
Sixth years Lyall Craig and Ryan Green were passing by the bus stop when the drama occurred last Thursday lunchtime.
They helped get OAP Robert Wood in a recovery position, phoned an ambulance, reassured him and kept him warm by taking their jackets off to provide warmth until the ambulance arrived over an hour later.
The drama unfolded at around 1.30pm when the elderly gentleman took ill. 
Cheryl Asbury, who was waiting at the bus stop, said: "I work out at the Willowbank Hotel and was coming home from work at 1.30pm when it happened.
"I was waiting on the 904 bus when he collapsed, and the two boys from Largs Academy got him into the recovery position.
"One of the young boys calmly phoned for the ambulance.
"He managed to re-gain consciousness and said he was waiting on the Largs Local bus, and was born in 1939.
"The pharmacist from Boots came over and also spoke to the emergency services on the phone."
"The two boys, the pharmacist and myself helped get him up and on to the seat in the bus shelter while waiting for an ambulance."
"The boys did really well and kept speaking to him and kept calm throughout the whole episode."
"If they were my children, I would be the proudest mum in the world for what they did, they were marvellous and a true credit to their families.
"The boys were amazing."
The boys' quick and courageous actions have already gained praise from the town.
Catherine Anderson said: "To the two Largs Academy teenage boys who went to the aid of an elderly gentleman who collapsed in the Main St bus shelter, they stayed with him the whole time, phoned an ambulance, reassured him, kept him warm by taking their jackets off to cover him, your care and compassion is highly commendable. They then only moved when they seen the gentleman safely in the ambulance. Very well done."
Lyall, 17, of Highfield Terrace, Fairlie, said: "We were just standing at the bus stop waiting for the 585, I had been going home early as I had a sore stomach.
"Then the old man collapsed.
"He was unconscious for a short while and we got him back up and put our jackets and blazers around him, and got him seated.
"He was quite adamant that he was getting the shuttle bus to the other side of Largs.
"The ambulance must have taken around an hour and a half as there had been a delay and it had got diverted.
"When speaking to the ambulance service, they asked to speak to the old man but the phone started to droop down his face and his eyes were looking distance, and we had to get him back in the recovery position.
"Craig from Boots Pharmacy was also a great help and good at keeping him calm."
"I haven't got any previous first aid experience but knew a few basic things as my mum is a yoga teacher.
"It was really cold on the afternoon at around five degrees, and the old man told us that he had had previous heart conditions and had a pacemaker fitted."
Ryan, 17, of Hauplands Way, West Kilbride, said: "We just tried to make him as comfortable as possible.
"We told him that help was on its way and he just needed to stay there.
"He told us that he was born in 1937, and had had a pacemaker fitted - we just kept talking to him and making sure he was ok.
"It is a nice thing to receive praise from the community for our efforts, but at the end of the day, we just responded to it as it happened and all our concerns were for the old man, and we hope he is ok.
I did HeartStart in S3 and also know some basic CPR from my time in the Boys Brigade.
"My dad was works in healthcare and is a pharmacist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital."
Head teacher Heather Burns said: "I think it is marvellous that both boys were able to keep their cool in this real life situation.
"They stayed with him, made him comfortable and phoned 999, with help of a pharmacist, and members of the public.
"There was some hold up with the ambulance.
"They are such lovely and caring children, and this man couldn't have been left with two nicer kids.
"For them to take responsibility for something like that, and provide much needed assistance was very special indeed.
"I am sure their parents must be bursting with pride.
"Lyall hadn't actually been feeling too well and he just coped with it, and both he and Ryan did a great job.
"It is so nice to hear some positive stories about children who do things like that.
"It shows you that we do have a very caring community - when the chips are down with the things that people face, these two boys and others came to the fore."