Rows regarding the proposed removal of Largs trees have become so heated that residents are ‘scared’ to go out in the street.

The ‘News’ previously reported that residents were at loggerheads over North Ayrshire's divisive proposal to axe down 22 trees in George Street, John Clark Street and Seamore Street.

However, the issue is said to have escalated as aggressive rows continue to break out in the streets.

Councillors have said a compromise has to be made soon if they hope to gain peace back in the town.

At a recent Community Council meeting Councillor Ian Murdoch said: “I know that people have been scared to come to this meeting tonight.

“We just want there to be an amicable settlement now so that we can return some peace to the streets.

“People are very angry, and I know there have been arguments in the street regarding the issue, but it needs to be resolved.

“It’s not going to be easy as there is a lot of emotion, but the only way I think we are going to manage this is by sitting down and talking about it.

“There should have been consultation on this matter at the beginning but unfortunately that didn’t happen, however we are at least getting to that point now.”

The community council say that since the issue has become such a hot point they would suggest a police presence at any future meetings.

Newly appointed chairman of the community council, Anne Carson said: “I think it would be a good idea to have police at any discussions as a precautionary measure.

“It is a shame that it has become such a point of anger that this would be needed.

“It is sad to hear that there are arguments happening in the streets because following our previous meeting I thought it had been left quite amicably.

“We gave people on each side a chance to have their opinions heard and that is all we can do."

The Independent report is still being reviewed by North Ayrshire officials as they try to assess the matter going forward.

The council plan to have an official meeting with the community councillors to discuss their plans.