A former Skelmorlie resident is frying high as he takes the internet by storm with his unique videos.

Darren Dowling, 22, has a new-found fame for his Facebook videos ‘Does it Fry?’ in which he attempts to deep fry food including Greggs, McDonalds and Krispy Kreme.

Better known as Dazza to the internet community, his videos ‘Get Battered’ on the BBC Social already gained him recognition, with his most popular video filmed at the Fish Works in Largs racking up over 1.4 million views.

Pairing his love of food with the spotlight he has come to gather a following of over 4000 people and over 120,000 views on his Facebook page.

However, when the ‘News’ asked him the inspiration behind the deep-frying videos, he himself wasn’t entirely sure.

He said: “Why do I do it? That is a good question.

“I suppose I like eating, and this is just a way of me doing that and creating the videos.

“These videos ran off the back of the ‘Get Battered’ series with the Social were I went round different fish and chip shops in Scotland tried fish suppers.

"So I guess the inspiration just comes from me wanting to eat.

“The ‘Does it Fry?’ series of videos is literally just me trying to fry different foods and eat them.

“The first one we done was the McDonalds video, so we fried a Big Mac and it was actually not bad.

“In fact, quite a lot of the foods aren’t actually as bad as you might think.

“We have created five episodes and have two more filmed that we will be releasing.

“The latest was fried Krispy Kreme, where we fried one of the donuts which is only available in Scotland.

“That one was pretty disgusting, I did struggle to actually eat that.

"But I like the videos to have a Scottish link and we even done one with Tunnocks tea cakes."

Darren stayed in Skelmorlie for 3 years and took up a job in Haus Saron in Largs in attempt to save up enough money for a camera to make his videos.

He has went on to produce viral videos and says that he doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

He added: “I guess I ultimately want to take over the deep-fried world.

“When I first started making the videos for the Social I didn’t think they would get such a great reaction and I didn’t even have my own page to promote them.

“So, when all the comments came flooding in I was just answering people from my own account.

“I ended up making my own page under the 'Dazza' title, so I could post them and now I use it for the 'Does it Fry?' videos, which are also getting a great reaction.

“The Social has been a brilliant platform for me to start out on.

“The best part of making the videos is that I get to do it alongside my friends.”

Darren has big plans for future frying including a breakfast and Christmas special, not to mention a merchandise store he is launching.

His next video will go live on his facebook page 'Dazza' this Saturday and will be a spooky Halloween special.