The question of how early is too early to put up Christmas decorations is not a problem for one Largs shop, who hasn’t taken theirs down for two years.

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year-round David Gavin Hardware and Ironmongers, on Aitken street, has proudly displayed their Christmas tree, lights and all, in the window since 2016.

Whilst the owner, Paolo Capocchi, says that it is in part an act of madness it actually began as a way of proving a point.

He said: “Of course I am a little mad so that’s partly why it’s still there.

"I originally put it up on November 30 two years ago for the festive season.

“How it started was that over the past few years I have sold Christmas trees.

“But it turned in to a bit of a testimony for how long you can keep a real tree for if you care for it properly.

“I’m not even selling any of the trees this year, but it’s just become part of the store having it in the window.”

Whilst Paolo’s aim was to show his customers that his trees would last right through the festive period, it has since become a talking point among locals.

Paolo went on to share his inside secret to ensure your tree keeps going for many Christmases to come.

He added: “People just need to make sure they keep them watered and then that will help to make sure the needles don’t start falling off.

“Of course, Christmas trees are outdoor plants, so it helps that the store is cold which prolongs the life of the tree.

“As they get older they will brown like the one in the window has just from the needles drying out, but it's still rare that any of needles fall off.”