Ongoing litter problems at a car park in Largs has resulted in a Conservative MSP pushing for action at the eye-sore spot.

Jamie Greene has also argued that on-the-spot littering fines should be increased from £80 to £100 as a deterrent.

The West Scotland regional list MSP argues that this will decrease the amount of littering in Largs and North Ayrshire.

He has previously written to the council and taken to social media to highlight the problem of fly tipping in Largs.

Over the last six months, Mr. Greene has spearheaded a campaign to try to reduce the amount of littering in town after highlighting the Bath St car park problem, around the corner from his Largs office.

In May Mr. Greene contacted North Ayrshire Council about the problem, he was told that they would make contact with Burgh Properties Ltd to address the waste problem and to ensure that the area is maintained to an acceptable standard.

Six months later there has still been no action taken. Amongst the litter left on Bath Street there are fridge-freezers and other appliances that pose environmental damage if not dealt with properly.

Private companies such as the local Bank of Scotland on Main Street have been forced to hire a private drainage firm to ensure that the drainage problems in the car park on Bath Street are not preventing employees and customers from parking in the area.

Mr Greene is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce tougher fines for those caught littering to prevent the amount of littering in North Ayrshire.

He has once again asked the council to take some action regarding the fly tipping in Largs, and commented: “Littering harms the whole community and an increased fine is necessary to deter these senseless acts.

“The rubbish heap on Bath Street must be cleaned up. Either the local council or the property managers need to take action.

“It is now affecting local businesses who are having to shell out money to keep the street to an acceptable standard. This should be the council’s job not businesses’.

“The environment plans that the Scottish Conservatives have announced this week will make Scotland a greener country that we can all be proud of.

"The Scottish Government and North Ayrshire Council must work with us to turn these plans into reality.”