Janitors at Largs campus are said to be getting verbally abused by parents as they try to tackle the parking issues at the school.

Janitorial staff have been trying to help alleviate the parking problem by asking parents not to park in disabled spaces or in front of cars parked in spaces.

However, despite their best efforts the staff at the school are said to be getting verbally abused.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We have a strong zero-tolerance policy towards verbal abuse and we would urge any member of staff to report an incident if they had been abused at their work.

“It is unacceptable that any janitor would be verbally abused when carrying out their duties.

“They are simply ensuring that motorists park correctly and that disabled spaces are available for the people who really need them.”

Councillor Ian Murdoch said: “I am well aware of the issues at the campus and whilst the police are dealing with the problems at Alexander Avenue, it is still an ongoing issue.

“I know that janitors have been trying to help on the campus by asking parents not park in certain areas, but parents are telling them in no uncertain terms where to go.

“This behaviour is not on and is unfair when someone is just trying to do their job.

“Additionally, you need to think that if this is the behaviour of adults and parents, what kind of example is it setting for kids.”

The ‘News’ previously reported that Police were also drafted in to deal with issue of dangerous driving and parking at the school on Alexander Avenue.

A team of five policemen have been tackling the issue using small cut outs of children dressed as wardens, aimed at preventing parents from parking in inappropriate places.

Whilst there is said to be some improvement, Sergeant Sharron Kerr says that they will continue to be present in the area to try and alleviate the problems as they attempt to re-educate parents on the appropriate drop offs.

Parent at the school Michelle Lindsay said: “People are blocking parents in to disabled spaces even though there are fifty or so free spaces available for them to park in.

“It’s disgusting, my anxiety is through the roof driving my kids to school in the morning.”

NAC spokesperson added: “We are continuing to work with our partners at Police Scotland to resolve ongoing issues.

“We are looking to deter people from parking on the junction of Glenacre Drive by introducing keep clear road markings and some bollards on each corner.

“These should be in place over the coming weeks.”