Largs Rainbows were joined by local councillors to show they have what it takes to be future leaders.

The group invited the councillors to join them in their celebrations marking 100 years since women gained the vote.

Councillors Anthea Dickson, Joy Brahim and Christina Larson joined Largs 1st rainbows on Monday 12 as part of their Citizen Girl programme.

The girls were keen to know how they got the job in their significant positions and about the inequalities still faced in politics.

Rainbows leader Sharon Murdoch launched the initiative as she wanted to show the girls how to have a voice in the movement of equality.

She said: “The three councillors that attended were really good with the girls.

“I think we could even have some of our own future leaders among our group.

“They kept their attention by saying some really positive things about their roles and how our girls should look forward and aim high.

“It really was a super evening, the girls left very happy and it was a really good launch for Parliament Week.

“I don’t think it is ever too early to get the girls engaging with the wider world.”

SNP Councillor Joy Brahim says it is important that the girls know they can follow any career path just as much as boys can.

She said: "Today's children will be running the Council, Parliament, hospitals and schools before we know it.

“I want them to feel unapologetically confident about their abilities, skills and dreams. We all have something to offer.

"I thank 1st Largs Rainbow Leader Sharon Murdoch for inviting North Ayrshire's female Councillors to this meeting, as we need young girls to know that just like boys, they can choose any profession they like and shouldn't be afraid to pursue it.

"Society may still have its expectations of how girls and women should design their lives, but thanks to those who came before us, we now have the option to ignore all of that and do exactly what we think is right."

The girls welcomed the councillors with their edible parliament in which they created an edible representation of the 129 MSP’s to represent the inbalance of females and males in the position.

Citizen Girl marks the 100-year celebration of a long campaign for the first women to gain the vote, with a further 10 years before all women were able to have their say in elections.

The charity Women 50:50 which campaigns for fair representation in the Scottish Parliament has joined the Citizen Girl programme in championing the work and education of the younger generation.