North Ayrshire Council say they will consider enforcement action if a Largs car park isn’t cleaned up.

The ‘News’ revealed last week that MSP Jamie Green was calling for fixed penalties for fly-tippers turning Bath Street car park in to a dumping ground.

North Ayrshire Council have previously contacted the owner of the land to clean up the eyesore however no progress has been made.

They say that if the site does not improve they may have to consider more severe steps.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson: “As this area remains in private ownership, the Council’s Streetscene team does not have the power to enter the site and clear the waste.

“We have made various attempts to contact who we understand to be the landowner in recent months to ensure the waste is removed and the land is maintained to an acceptable standard.

“Clearly this has not had the desired effect. We are however committed to finding a long-term solution and are currently considering a number of options available to us, including enforcement action if appropriate.”

Private companies such as the local Bank of Scotland on Main Street have been forced to hire a private drainage firm to ensure that flooding problems in the car park on Bath Street are not preventing employees and customers from parking there.

Items being dumped include a mattress, a fridge and several rubbish bags, prompting health and safety concerns because of the likely presence of rats and other vermin.

Mr Green had previously raised concerns that the car park had become a public health issue.

He said: “The rubbish heap on Bath Street must be cleaned up right now. Either the local council or the property managers need to take urgent action.

“It is now also affecting local businesses who are having to shell out money to keep the area to an acceptable standard. This should be the council’s job, not private businesses.”