Thought for the Week by Pastor Gordon Weir, Brisbane Evangelical Church.

If you need to remember something, just ask a small child.

A recent study showed that children could accurately remember a series of images 31% of the time, while adults hit the mark just 7% of the time.

A poor memory can land us in trouble.

I like the story about a little boy from the city who was visiting his grandparents who lived on a farm. He watched, fascinated as his grandfather the farmer gave a whistle and his dog herded the sheep into the field, and then latched the gate with her paw. "Wow, that’s some dog. What’s its name?" The forgetful farmer thought for a minute, then asked his grandson, "What do you call that red flower that smells good and has thorns on the stem?" "A rose?” said the boy? "That’s it!" said the farmer, before turning to his wife. "Hey Rose, what do we call this dog?"

My late father suffered with industrial deafness after many years working in a noisy factory. However my mother believed he used this to his advantage, saying often that he had been misdiagnosed; she said he suffered from ‘selective deafness’!

I take comfort when I forget things, that God too, doesn’t always remember things. It seems to me that God has ‘selective’ memory. In the Bible, talking about the amazing grace (remember that song?) which God promises to those who place their trust in Him, we read these amazing words: “I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more." (Hebrews 4:12)

Now, where did I put my keys…?