CUMBRAE Community Council have called on the new chief executive of North Ayrshire Council to visit the island to learn more about people's fears for the future.

Cumbrae is the only island of similar population on the west of Scotland without a working pier, public slip and publicly held community hall.

These are the 'unpalatable facts' raised by Phil Lonsdale during his chairman's report at the community council AGM held on the island this month - and now he wants new council boss Craig Hatton to see the issues for himself.

He said: "I have been surprised, and disappointed, to have learnt this is the situation with which we find ourselves.

"Despite this, North Ayrshire Council appear singularly disinterested in helping to correct this situation - which was caused by their neglect originally.

"The council do not own and maintain a single community facility on the island.

"An elected councillor has publicly stated that NAC will not help to fund a community led action because it will, in his opinion, compete with a business.

"But the community pay the council tax which help to fund NAC and the community elected the councillors.

"We have also repeatedly pointed out that any work undertaken for, or quoted to NAC, is at least double the cost, more usually treble, than it would cost an individual to have the same work carried out."

The community council have carried out 11 meetings on the island during the past year and say that in general many of the items that have been brought to their attention have had answers or a resolution.

Mr Lonsdale added: "On the island we have taken up many items brought to our attention by members of the community including recycling bins sited on the shore, extensive road refurbishment, more dog poo bins, etc.

"The major and time consuming projects - the Pier, the Flood Prevention Scheme, the cycle path from the Keppel Pier to the slip, PeelPorts planned use of the Hunterston peninsula and the town hall - are still ongoing and will continue to be pursued."

The community council have also attended off island meetings and workshops, and have hosted several consultations. Mr Lonsdale said that there was an appetite for change on the island with several of these consultations having been much better attended compared to similar events on the mainland. A recent budget participatory consultation event on the island attracted around 10% of the island's population..

He added: "I would like to thank the community councillors for their continuing hard work on behalf of the people of Cumbrae.

"For the coming year we will continue to work on the community on Cumbrae, and we thank the public for their past support and hope we can continue to rely on you in future."