Millport’s Field Studies Council have planted over 400 trees on the island in a bid to improve the environment.

420 trees of 11 different species were delivered to FSC Millport by the Woodland Trust and planted in the surrounding grounds.

The trees ranging from oaks to holly’s, aim to improve the air quality and the environment for everyone.

Centre Manager, Alex Macfie said: "The trees will act as a carbon sink by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to help improve the overall environment.

“They will also encourage wildlife by providing food and shelter for insects, birds and small mammals.

“We planted trees across the whole site so that everyone can enjoy watching them grow, as well as for some exciting new projects ongoing at FSC Millport.

“Planning the location of 420 trees truly involved looking to the future as some of these trees won’t become fully grown for 100 years and may grow up to 40m.

“Our new yurt was surrounded by trees whilst the outline for a new outdoor classroom was also planted, both of these will become summer learning spaces for everyone to enjoy.

“By creating more outdoor teaching spaces we can continue to expand our learning opportunities available to all students who visit the centre.

“All in all it was a great day where the FSC Millport team pulled together to plan and plant all these trees and we are now looking forward to watching them grow.”

The trees were secured by a former placement student at the centre, who had applied to the woodland trust for a community tree pack.

His work was continued by the FSC team who carefully designed tree placings across the site so that they grow well and improve the site for years to come.