The Organic Growers of Fairlie are well on their way to launching their cycling without age project after successfully pedalling for council funding.

The group were ecstatic to hear that they will receive £22,800 from the Community Investment Fund to help them on their way to providing the trishaw bikes in town.

The funding will be used to purchase three purpose-built bikes which will be distributed, with two on the mainland and one on Cumbrae.

Jacqueline Bond, from the Organic Growers of Fairlie, said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive funding from North Ayrshire's community Investment Fund for our cycling project together with Cycling Without Age Scotland.

"Cycling Without Age have let us borrow trishaw bikes to try out and the reaction from the elderly as well as younger people has been incredible.

“This funding will have a huge impact by allowing us to buy three bikes this year to bring Cycling Without Age Scotland to Fairlie and the North Coast.

“We will be working with them to provide the elderly population of Fairlie and the surrounding area the freedom to enjoy cycling and feel the wind in their hair again.

"This project will reach a wide age group from little tots to our oldest passenger at 99 years old."

Using the resources and expertise of the wider Cycling Without Age group, the organic growers have been promoting the project throughout town.

The community have rallied behind the idea making donations where they can, with Largs Primary School recently holding a pyjama day and raising £480.

The group have already recruited 20 pilots interested in volunteering their time to take people out on the bikes.

Jacqueline added: “Every penny raised will really add to the overall project.

“It’s not just the bikes we need to pay for but we also get waterproofs for the elderly for rainy days and blankets to keep them warm.

“It’s something that can get everyone of all ages involved in, which is great and it’s easy to see the benefits young people engaging with the elderly has.

“It helps families to be able to get out as well and have days together, it can be difficult to have conversations in a care home setting, but this will offer a chance to get out and spend quality time together.”

Councillor Louise McPhater, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “This is a wonderful idea that will have huge health benefits to the people that take part.

“Not only will it enhance their well-being but it will also tackle issues like social isolation.

"There is also scope for young people to get involved which will also be a fantastic volunteering opportunity that also gives them the chance to get to know people of a different generation."

The group already have positive feedback from two care homes in Largs who are very keen to be involved and KA Leisure have expressed interest in offering it as another referral option for their Active Lifestyles team.

The local Active Schools Coordinator would also like to offer the volunteering opportunity as part of their Young Leaders programme and Sustrans have offered to help support the scheme by identifying safe routes and tracks in Fairlie, Largs and surrounding areas.