A young Millport girls bedroom clean-up has resulted in her raising over £200 for the SSPCA.

During the schools summer holidays Kitty Armour, 8, decided to tidy her bedroom and clear out all of the old toys and books she no longer wanted.

The items were destined for the bin, until she decided to sell them at a stall on the garden wall to raise funds for the SSPCA.

Her Mum, Fiona Armour said: “Next her brothers rooms got tidied and book shelves and the attic got raided.

“Her Grandparents and Aunties donated unwanted bric-a-brac, books, toys and flowers from the garden.

“Then neighbours started to drop off their excess bits and bobs too.

“One neighbour donated a large umbrella to keep the sun off kitty and another neighbour very kindly donated a golf club which we auctioned off for £50.

“She decided that the proceeds of her stall would go to SSPCA, which was where we got our dog 11 years ago.”

Setting up the stall every day for six weeks over the Summer holidays, Kitty sat at her stall morning to night to welcome customers.

Fiona added: “We wrote to SSPCA and told them of kitty's stall and they very kindly sent her posters and stickers and a t-shirt.

“Kitty's efforts raised £242.34.

“We decided to take her to the Glasgow cat and dog home so she could donate the proceeds in person and see what work the SSPCA do.

“They very kindly showed her round the centre and explained what a difference her contribution would make.

“Lastly they showed us the kitten enclosure and kitty got to play with some lovely kittens.

“Long story short her favourite kitten from the litter came to live with us 2 weeks ago.”